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Our Services

To effectively protect the rights it is necessary to offer quality legal services. You are offered the following services. 


  • Legal advice
  • Contracts
  • Support of tax and customs problems.
  • Legal support of buying and selling of real estate.   
  • Support postponing debt problems
  • Support of economic problems
  • Support of family problems
  • Support of work problems
  • Support of honor and dignity problems.
  • Support of supply and freight transportation problems
  • Representation in First Instance (including administrative) court.
  • Representation in Court of Appeals
  • Representation in court
  • Representation of the Constitutional Court.
  • Representation of state and non-state bodies and local self-government
  • Reviewing of documents and forming (petitions, applications, appeals and cassation complaints)
  • Implementation lawyer requests
  • Support of other legal problems  


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